International medical insurance for companies

Business is taking place on an increasingly global scale nowadays. Companies are opening up offices all over the world, whilst employees frequently need to travel for business purposes. You can ensure that your employees are protected no matter where they are. Health insurance is the most valued staff perk, providing benefits for those who work for you, as well as your company. International health insurance is undoubtedly one of the best benefits to offer, especially when you take out a policy with Now Health.

Now Health is one of the leading global international health insurance providers and thus there is no one better to deliver the ideal company health product for your requirements. Whether you are a UK business that is looking to expand into new markets or your employees are frequently travelling all over the world, we can assist.

When you take advantage of our service, you can be sure of the following…

  • Access to the best healthcare on a worldwide scale
  • Simple and quick processes
  • Clear information
  • Helpful and friendly service

There is a general feeling that business cover is complicated, yet this does not need to be the case. When you choose Now Health, you will be able to access your plan easily and securely via the Internet. We also have comprehensive products for you to choose from, with many exceptional benefits, which ensure ultimate value for money because you can be confident of a plan that is designed to cater to your unique requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply online for a quote or give us a call today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and experienced team members. We will happily answer any queries or concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.